Bithday: 87-11-25 Country: live in Sweden

Konnichiwa!! Coolish!! :D SO Happy you stopped by here ^^ So you want to know a bit about me...then I'll give you that :P My name is Cherry, and have lived in Sweden almost all my life. Err...what else? My hobby...? To draw of course :P but also singing and dancing (suck at it). Is very afraid of ghost and dark rooms. Not good with TV-PC games...=_=; no patience so I don't play(at least not on my own).

Don't like many sorts of sweet stuff, especially sweet food. Hmm...but Ice-cream is ok, cause I'm the first and last to eat at home. I prefer chockolate bar, fresh strawberries and mango. Fond of small cute things, and likes Pink,Green and Blue. And last, I like to listen to anime music. I giving too much info?

OK!! That's it about me ^^ Now please go read my manga if you haven't, and don't forget to comment. I see so many people visiting my comics everyday that it makes me wonder where all the comments go TT_TT Are yo watching beind my back o.O? I don't like that, cause it's creepy :P

Here are also some random arts made by me Lahime

Ja ne ♥