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Chapter 1 - 05

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1/2 Hime

Beware of my text edits, cause I kinda change my mind a lot :s This comic is for practice, hope you don't mind ^^; My english is not good either. --- Summery: Cherry is afraid to confess her feelings to her crush, so she wishes to have the courage to solve the problem. The next day she finds a magical mirror that turns her into a 10 year old. Will this really help her? When can she turn back to normal? Plz rate/comment/fav to help me continue :)



Since I've gotten used to my pace at drawing, I've realized this and the rest of my comics will progress very slowly. Therefore I hope you don't mind me updating 2-4 pages once every two weeks/once a month. Though it could take faster or later updating. Hope you don't mind too much and that I guess you already have a feeling about this^^;

posted by Lahime @ February 20th, 2009, 6:20 am  -  0 comments

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